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Real Estate Transactions

Contract negotiation when buying a house is crucial in protecting the biggest investment of your life. Don't be left in the dust at the closing table by a badly negotiated contract. Let me be the frontline in protecting your life investment during this critical stage of the purchase. I will also take your hand through the purcahse process and make sure every possible preperation is made so to ensure a smooth transition at the closing table. Also as a bank attorney for many years, I am an expert in the nuances structured mortgage. This guidance will help you save a lot of money in closing fees in a typical house purchase. 

When you come to this office to sell your house, not only will the sales process be smooth and anxiety free, I will also ensure that you walk away with the maximum profit. 

Acting as a builder for construction investments for many years and have experienced property issues in all shapes and forms, you will have my experitse on your side to ensure your interest is fully protected. 

When you call my office, I will always be available to answer your questions and give you the peace of mind you deserve.